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Engineering Technician

Posted: 05/05/2022

Job Title: Engineering Technician        
More Info:
Desired Start: May 2022
Job Type: Full Time, Hourly        
Pay Range: $17/h - $35/h
At Solvus Global, We Are…
Innovators, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, Makers, Creators, Dreamers, DOERS
Solvus Global is a technology innovation start-up focused on solving problems in the materials and manufacturing space. We are a diverse team of engineers & scientists dedicated to leveraging our Knowledge Capital to develop critical solutions for our customers. Often, those solutions have much greater impact than just one organization and so we focus our innovations on Enterprise Solutions. Our team spins out core technology areas into standalone startups ready to build a team, raise capital, and launch a product/service that solves a critical challenge across entire market domains in materials & manufacturing.
The Opportunity with Solvus Global Is…
Dynamic, Engaging, Cross-Disciplinary, Cutting-Edge, Flexible, EMPOWERING
We are currently looking for multiple, full-time Engineering Technicians (entry – senior level) who will work hand-in-hand with our engineers and researchers to support growing and building our advanced manufacturing control technologies and processing techniques. This position requires a technical background with experience in building and maintaining systems of a variety of types either through education or work experience. A day in this position will start with a quick review between project team members on major tasks for the day, then likely the technician and engineer moving to the lab to iterate on the latest designs/testing and processing procedures. This might include running clearly laid out and defined experiments and identifying flaws in the initial designs.
This will be a fast-paced, dynamic role that requires strong communication skills (written and oral), experience working in a team and an ability to work with your hands and use/learn new tools. Daily tasks will fluctuate from running our processing systems to maintaining quality control & inspection schedules. This person will be responsible for the development, maintenance, and troubleshooting efforts of electrical, mechanical, and fluid systems, and the building of characterization standards for our lab scale efforts. This position will be very much hands-on and will require quick decision making to achieve efficient execution of our project-based objectives. 
Required Attributes & Skills

  • Technical Background (high school/college degree/work experience)
  • Ability to communicate well (written and oral) 
  • Ability to work in a team 
  • Ability to take & give direction 
  • Ability to research & develop solutions 
  • Experience with engineering systems (i.e., mechanical, electrical, robotics, fluids, etc.)
  • Experience with machine operation and maintenance 
Advantageous Attributes & Skills
  • Mechanical design skills (CAD, etc.) 
  • Robotic/automation engineering experience
  • Programming skills 
  • Ability to design & develop standard testing methods 
  • Quality control experience 
  • Equipment inspection experience 
  • Machining/Laboratory experience 
  • Experience with additive manufacturing techniques