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Manager, Transitions Program

Posted: 10/10/2021

Perform a variety of duties including: teaching, counseling, assisting and supporting adolescents/young adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities to maximize their independence through skill development and pre-vocational training. Utilize a person-centered approach to provide support and case management services for adolescents/young adults, engaging effectively with their families, employers, and other community providers. Facilitate educational and vocational groups to help adolescents/young adults develop social, vocational, and workplace competency skills. Transition Program Specialists may serve as a planning partner with the youth, and assist the youth in identifying and making necessary connections for him/her to make progress towards their goals. Perform responsibilities professionally, in collaboration with other team members in accordance with Best Buddies core values, policies, practices, program funding and applicable regulatory agency guidelines.


Job Requirements

· 4 years ' experience or employment in job coaching, counseling, or special education; or other related experience working with persons with disabilities-- OR--Bachelor’s Degree in a related field such as rehabilitation, counseling, social work, psychology, education, human resources, business administration, or economics from an accredited college or university and one year of experience as described above.

· Preferably 1 year experience as an employment consultant and a proven strong record employer communications and relationship-- OR--1 year experience in special education or vocational training.

· Must be adaptable and able to quickly and effectively develop and balance multiple relationships and get results from a variety of people.

· Strong presentation, facilitation, project and time management skills.

· Strong written communicator who pays close attention to detail; demonstrates a strong initiative, drive for results and self-assessment skills as well as the ability to work both independently and as part of a team.

· Must be comfortable engaging with people with IDD, meeting new people and addressing sensitive issues.

· Must be comfortable with frequent local travel, use personal cell phone, and work evenings and weekends as necessary in order to accomplish job responsibilities.

· Access to an automobile with applicable insurance.

· Employment is contingent upon accreditation by governing state agency.


Job Duties include, but are not limited to:

· Responsible for securing program partners and participants including, but not limited to, school districts and employers, meeting clear benchmarks for number and retention of partners and participants.

· Coordinate with Friendship Program staff to identify potential participants and school district partners.

· Coordinate with Jobs Program staff to develop work-based learning experiences and opportunities for permanent job placements following completion of the program.

· Develop positive relationships with families, support coordinators, referral sources, and other community stakeholders. Screen referrals and perform intakes for adolescents/young adults.

· Coordinate and implement Best Buddies Transitions Program curriculum through classroom-based instruction, small group, and one-to-one support as appropriate. Curriculum includes, but is not limited to, job exploration counseling, self-advocacy, workplace readiness training, work-based learning experiences, and post-secondary educational counseling.

· Coordinate with students’ support team to provide services consistent with students’ individualized needs as documented in the IEP.

· Assess employer’s needs through Job Analysis and work with them to identify internship positions that are valuable to their enterprise and in alignment with program needs; this could include creating a job description and finalizing with employer.

· Communicate frequently during initial phase with employers/supervisors, including offering sensitivity training and advocating for participants' rights to equal treatment.

· Provides job coaching during the work-based learning experience phase, including training participants on-the-job, visiting participants' job sites regularly, and providing on the job supports as necessary for each individual’s success. Coordinate with other Best Buddies staff as needed to ensure full support of program participants.

· During the work-based learning phase, work with participant to complete weekly reflections and self-assessments.

· Stays in regular communication with employers/supervisors to steward the relationship, develop natural supports, and maintain positive employer-employee relations.

· Assume full responsibility for a caseload of transitions participants, including documenting all services and communications in participant case records in a timely manner.

· Upon successful completion of the Transitions Program, initiate transfer of responsibilities to Jobs Program staff -- Job Development Specialist or Employment Consultant as applicable. Provide introduction to participant, natural supports/guardian, support coordinators and employer.

· Develop and refine Transitions Program curriculum as needed.

· Attend training as needed to maintain required certifications per state regulating agency.

Marketing/Fund Development

· Work with supervisor(s) on fundraising events as directed.

· Provide information regarding potential donors/supporters to supervisor(s) as appropriate.

· Work with State Director and/or supervisor to increase awareness of Best Buddies through local marketing, public speaking and media initiatives.

· Contributes content and images for updates to state website and social media.

· Engages program participants in Best Buddies Day/Month activities.



· Complete required paperwork in a timely and organized manner, including but not limited to case file documentation; monthly, quarterly, and annual paperwork; reports required by local funding agencies; and incident and grievance reports.

· Maintain an organized filing system for all relevant paperwork, including intake forms and authorizations, and uses SET-Works and other databases effectively and appropriately to manage contacts; all data entry will be completed by established timelines.

· Update SET-Works database with all services provided to participants and employer communications by close of business each Friday.

· Collaborates with supervisor to ensure that all required billing is completed accurately and in a timely manner to maximize funding.

· Collaborates with supervisor to prepare for any audits or accreditations.

· Collaborates with other employment consultants in the local state office to transfer caseloads after program completion and share agency/support coordinator information.


Possible Additional Responsibilities

· Sharing an office – work closely with peers.

· Travel locally/regionally/nationally.

· Recruiting community members to sit on committees.

· Act as staff lead, when assigned, for a program or fundraising event.

· Manage a specific aspect of a local program or fundraising event or business.

· Assist with Grant research and writing.

· Plan, assist and/or implement awareness campaign(s) for Best Buddies Day and Month, and Disability Employment Awareness Month.