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May's Skin Cancer Check Challenge

Join Dr. Novikov Wellness and Skin Care’s skin check challenge during May’s National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Knowing your skin is healthy is incentive enough, but we are adding a bonus. If you schedule and keep your annual skin check appointment through May 31, you will receive a complimentary skin care sample. This incentive is available to each new or existing patient.

Take a proactive step towards safeguarding your skin health. Detecting skin cancer early greatly improves treatment outcomes. Start your summer knowing your skin is healthy and how to keep it that way. Our skin specialists will use a dermatoscope to give you a thorough and personalized skin evaluation. Have confidence as well as peace of mind knowing your skin health is in good hands.

Make your appointment at www.northborodoctor.org or call 508-936-1657. Our office is conveniently located at 318 Main Street, Northborough.

Referral Program
Encouraging others to prioritize their skin health promotes open dialogue and education about how important early detection is key to successful skin cancer treatment.

Refer a friend or family member for their skin exam appointment. They also must schedule their appointment before the end of May. Your name will then be entered into a raffle and the lucky winner will be announced on June 3.

Spread The Word
Help spread the word of the importance of skin exams and early detection of skin cancers. Earn a bonus raffle ticket by posting a selfie at the office at your appointment and tag @DrNovikovSkincare on Facebook or Instagram.

Schedule your annual skin check appointment with one of our skin specialists and help us continue to bring awareness to skin cancer.